What is the status of WakeMGMT currently at the start of Q3 2016? The team is very excited about being awarded our first patent from the USPTO, NO. 9,150,291 titled Weight Distribution Device and Method for Modifying Wakes.  In our research, we found a lot of prior art referencing movable ballast objects but none were targeted for the specific need of shaping a vessel's wake.  We are working diligently with product development specialist to finalize our first retail model, Wake Symm, while pursuing a continuation of our patent to cover additional embodiments of the design.    

No one really wants to move over or pick up/slide heavy objects across their boats.  Weight distribution scenarios for wake boats are constantly changing, (someone moves, your kiddo or dog is running around, etc...) and it's important that the wake maintain a proper shape so the rider can enjoy their experience behind the boat as well.   That's where our company excels.  WakeMGMT, we move so you don't have to!  

Draining tanks wastes a lot of time especially considering the boats balance is usually off between a range of 100-200 lbs.   So basically, you just fill up your boat's ballast and tell everyone to get comfortable and once on-plane we take it from there.  If someone moves to adjust their viewpoint, then WakeMGMT also makes a slight adjustment and you never lose quality in the wake shape and never have to assign seats, (within range of course)! 

Usually being a rider themselves, good drivers are also concerned about the quality of set they are serving up for their friends.  If you're out on the boat with some really talented riders, but the crew onboard are new to wake sports (this happens a lot with media) then it can be a CHORE to maintain proper weight distribution while your friend is trying to log some quality rips at a clean wake!  At times, drivers can downright offend people by asking them to move, (ie. your mom who might take it as a fat joke haha).  

Simply being able to influence the distribution of the vessel enough to shape the wake is a luxurious feature the driver gets to experience from the helm!  Rider remote access will be a future feature that will enhance the rider interaction and overall adjustability of their wake or wave.  We are excited about offering a wake support product that helps folks experience a quality wake.    

When will we see Wake Symm available for purchase?  That's a great question!  We are focused on producing a quality product that offers the best systematic weight distribution solution for you and your boat.  As soon as we have a product release date we will broadcast that news to our followers first then to main media outlets.   Shoot us some feedback - we'd love to know what you think! 

How did the concept start or when did the idea happen?  Many moons ago, a good friend and I set out late one afternoon on a Lake Houston mission to find calm water and enjoy a set on our wakeboards.   While in my friend's nice wake boat and when trying to slide home-made carpeted 75lbs lead plates across the floor board to tune the wake it hit me hard, "why aren't we automating this!?"  The research and conversations began which led us to where we are today.  Washy wakes waste time and energy & WakeMGMT is excited to do something about it! 

Why WakeMGMT?  There are many reasons but mainly because boats these days are built specifically to produce premium walls of water to put a smile on your face, so with all this attention on wakes we are proud to offer a support product to help everyone get the most out of their wake.

Wake boats have a weight distribution scenario that is constantly in a state of flux and our company exists to help you systematically manage that variable which boosts performance, convenience and overall wake safety.  Enhancing the wake boat experience for everyone: driver, rider & crew is what WakeMGMT's all about!

Find balance, FAST!