Find balance, FAST!

Our first try turned out pretty good!  Perfection wasn't the goal; it's reliable and moves the wake QUICK!   It's a semi-permanent install to simulate a factory model.  

The universal model will be a plug-n-play design.  We're focused on quickly & easily tuning wakes.  Great for wakeboarding, wakesurfing & cruising in general!  


A correctly weighted wake boat achieves a superior wake shape plus experiences maximum stability & maneuverability.  

Pro-to-type: (noun) a first, typical or preliminary model of something, especially a machine, from which other forms are developed or copied.

tune your wake -  FAST!


We offer a wake shaping system that allows folks to spread out in their wake boat and get comfortable.  We'll shape it from there!  


Our system improves the reliability and integrity of the wake offering a more predictable POP!  

​​U.S. Pat. No. 9,150,291